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William Kentridge an Example of Reverse Remediation


Remediation was a term written about by Jay Bolter & Richard to define how one media can influence another, changing its identity. Remediation is not only the refashioning of older media by newer media, but can also be the reverse were the old can influence the new. One good example is work done by William Kentridge  whose work in animated films. Kentridge’s work is a process of drawing and erasing on a single sheet of paper while photographing his progress to create a stop motion film. He use’s charcoal, an old drawing medium, giving a new look to animation in his process.



Remediation was an unfamiliar term to a some what familiar process that appears in the studios of fellow art students or in visiting artist exhibitions over the years. Kentridge was one of the artists brought up as an example for a Narrative Illustration class i took a while back, but just as it did, when i first encountered the process of remediation or reverse remediation, it is still quite fascinating. There is definitely more to explore when the doors of remediation are open.


Is Remediation in art something you would choose to explore outside of a course project?



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