Demoiselles miley cyrus copyHere I have taken Pablo Picasso’s painting Les Demoiselles d’Avignon originally called The Brothel of Avignon and remixed the piece by adding in photos of Miley Cyrus’s new persona. Just as each of Picasso’s figures is depicted in a disconcerting confrontational manner appearing menacing and rendered vulgar, i selected Miley’s iconic expressions in her new approach to her music career.   Miley’s tongue-sticking-out face is her symbol to her new ways, that face acts just like the african masks in Picasso’s painting, giving a savage aura.

By putting these two images I intend to show how she is portraying her self.  Miley’s style breaking away from her Disney past had been revealed  it was seen as being so controversial leading to wide anger and disagreement. An exaggerated similarity to Picasso’s painting style breaking away from European style painting.


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