Artist Statement

Through the use of AfterEffects and Photoshop I created a short 2min video of a scene where the viewer transitions from a household bathroom in a surreal landscape. I used three images for this piece two collected from creative commons search (a bathroom,picture frame) and one image taken of my landscape painting. The beginning is silence broken by the sound of flushing as the camera view moves upward one the bathroom image. The coos of doves begin as the camera approaches the painting hung on the walls, and then the viewer is transported into the painting hearing sounds of nature as the water and plants have motion. Plant and water movements are not natural fitting the nature of dreams. The setting the landscape exists, the bathroom, is a monochromatic common scene that contrasts with the saturated color and impressionist style of the painting. My intent is that this (first time video experiment) causes the viewers to experience the painting in the video as if they were dreaming the vision of stepping into the painting’s world when they were just in the most seemingly uninteresting space in a house.


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