Working together with Becky, we re-reviewed the responses together and chose certain submissions to become more prominent. Depending on the nature of the dream we modified the images of text to give off the obeisance that the dreams eluted to, while also hiding pieces of the dream. While some submissions were quite long or clear the dream still had what seemed as missing pieces, which depending on the information missing or a hazy visual experience of the viewer we gave those dream images used visual qualities to show that. Some dreams had a main focus to the dream, an image that was very significant to the dreamer, so we asked that if the participant to include and image if they liked.

For  other dreams that had that focus and didn’t have an image, we added-in images found by using google. While searching google images after reading others dreams we did experience a connection to imagery in dreams and how images are collected online. Dreams are said to work like memory created by images stored in your mind being recycled, then our mind try to make sense of the images by orginizing it into a storyline.

participatory1 copy


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