Artist Statement

For our Participatory art project My partner Becky and I worked together by creating a joint Facebook page called Dream Share Art Project. We asked the participants to freely write about any dreams they wished to share. After a few days from making our page, we began to get responses and soon enough we got  responses from not just our close friends, but from friends of friends too. We asked questions about what kind of dreams they experience.

“Do you dream in color? Have you ever had a dream solve a problem you could not solve consciously? What are some of your family’s passed down understandings to certain symbols found in dreams?”

Using Photoshop we created an image of text from the responses and dreams submitted to posts we generated on Dream Share. The piece was created with then intention to show the results of our project, the interaction between the participants with us as we created an environment where they could be comfortable to tell there dreams in a public space. Dreams are very intimate and it can be difficult for people to share those experiences in a setting that is not so private.  The collage was created as a cover image for the site to show our inital experience of this project as an art work with interaction between the artists and the participants. Through this project we gained more knowledge on how others dream aside from our own experiences dreaming, and started to give us a connection between functions of the brain and aspects of the internet.


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