Progress 2

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I am using Photoshop to enhance the pieces initial intention, to make the viewer experience the dream imagery . I believe i am successfully approaching my goal. Using new images i have been able to create a better quality version then in Progress 1.


2 responses to “Progress 2

  • Heidi May


    This is great progress! What immediately comes to mind for me is how you have responded to this statement you wrote: “The objective of this project is to remediate the piece. In my case I am using Photoshop to enhance the pieces initial intention, to make the viewer feel like they are experiencing the dream depicted.” I’m not sure if it’s intentional that you have left the painting studio in the image, or if you plan on removing that and replacing with a different background; however, by showing the process leading up to the original painting, it is as if you are revealing the tools that created the dream and showing how the dream was constructed. It is also interesting to think about this act of constructing the imaginary in relation to both painting and digital media. So from viewing what you have uploaded here, it’s as if you are showing the “behind the scenes” — I’m not sure if this is what you had intended, but it is quite interesting. If time, you could work on two versions — this one, and the one that is the ultimately dream experience (tools concealed).

    Let me know if you have questions or just what you think about this.


  • collegeartist

    Yes the background is intentional. I set up the work space to look similar to how it did when I was creating the painting. To look as if by remediating, the image of the painting in it’s studio has now become the “new” painting. I worked with interiors predominantly in my dream paintings and always brought in a contrast through use inserting elements that don’t belong except happen in dreams. I’m glad it’s coming across clearly, I was a bit stuck on if it was enough to be understood. And whether to just have the one piece, but a diptych would be great I’ll try and get that done.

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