Artist Statement

Playing with scale, dream-like imagery is developed through the use of  animals and other elements inserted into still-life interior settings. By taking close up images of the painting, along with images of my studio space rearranged to how it look when i created the original painting and layering them into one image using Photoshop causes the dream quality to be enhanced. The painting used for this remediation project came from a body of work focused on dream state depictions includes interiors exhibiting a false reality where laws of the natural world do not apply, resulting in stylized representations of natural  elements, where immersing perspective indicates the “dreamer’s eye view”. Whimsical quality is implied through saturated color palette and bright colors hint to the unnatural signifying that while the pictorial plane is representational of reality it is not intended to be realistic but alluding to a false reality such as a dream. by remediating the original work in this project I have been able to push the original intention further and have mixed the dream state with reality making it even more possible for the audience to understand and experience clearly.

Initial inspiration for the original work came from gathered fascinations growing up in a Latin family. As a child I was drawn to collecting miniature “treasure” objects, such as: office utensils, games, tea sets, and porcelain animals. The influence most likely came from my mother slowly collecting ceramic figures for our nativity set. I have been exposed to the notorious Latino love of bright colors along with the fascination of sharing and deciphering dreams though the nurturing of my family and travels to Lima, Peru. The practice of interpreting dreams is as old or even older then biblical times along with whimsical folklore as a means to explain, foretell, and understand the world. While it is still known that dreams cannot yet be proved or denied to be more than what they are, dreams will always be a source of understanding underlying feelings on situations and events in a person’s life.



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