Before I Die

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 2.34.44 PMBefore-I-die-NOLA-Candy-Chang-wall-front


The project created by Candy Chang stemmed from her own personal life experience of having lost a loved one and thinking about death a lot during that time. Realizing how important it is to not forget what goals you have for your self before you die Chang began her project. Many nearing death seem to regret that they didn’t get to accomplish life long goals and dreams. The project began as her own experiment in new orleans with certification of approval. The process included putting up boards on an old abandoned building , painting them black and paint stencils in vertical rows of the the open ended sentence “Before i die_________.”


This project brings deep connections betweeen members of a community. During Art Beat last year in the spring Columbus Ga also had its own Before I DIe walls. Speaking from experience as a participant in the work, i felt very aware of my goals and of my friends and of others in my community whom i most likely did not know.


Have you had the Before I Die walls in your city? What was your experience with them?

Or have you been able to participate in a similar type of project, what did you take from it?


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