We Think Alone

Miranda July Interview: ‘We Think Alone’ Delivers Intimate Emails To Your Inbox (INTERVIEW)



Miranda July is a filmmaker, Performance artist, and writer who created a participatory work called We Think Alone. The project requirements focused on getting a diverse  group of people friends or famous  acquaintances the artist wanted to get to know better, to submit old emails under certain genres given by the artist over time. The process revealed  private messages to the public. Submissions were edited by the submitters keeping privacy part of the work, this caused the idea of self portraiture through the emails to be clearer.


I believe that the process of getting people to reveal private sides of them selves through old emails was very interesting, even though submissions can be edited before had it still says something about the person about there personality being more reserved. Giving the audience genres on what subject matter to submit made it easier to feel free to participate. If left to just submit general emails the effect might not of been the same.  each submission became a self portrait of the person giving off different types of impressions to the viewers.



Would you easily participate in such an activity?



3 responses to “We Think Alone

  • gazziholloway

    Yes, I would participate because I think it’s an interesting and insightful experiment. I heard/read a comment somewhere about it being creepy, and I guess I could see that, but July’s intentions weren’t creepy (as far as I know, haha). Keeping her intentions in mind, I would like to contribute to such a project to either share myself with her or to conduct my own similar project and observe the interactions of others. I don’t think I would have a preference for emails from friends, friends of friends, or strangers- though strangers could really keep me guessing.

  • halhaker

    It would b easy to participate in something like this for the simple fact that there is some kind of privacy involved. even if there wasn’t there is only a small chance that i would be worried about it. The concept is interesting and seeing how people react with each other is something that I could definitely enjoy as a viewer.

  • autumnjames

    I would totally participate in something like this. As a student, most of my messages are about school and are pretty boring, but I would still do it even if i had some more unusual emails. And like much internet-based participatory art, it is relatively consequent-less. Also, the participants are free to choose whether or not they really want to reveal their email or not, or they could even change what it says.

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