Interactive and Participatory Art


In the article Interactive and Participatory art written by Meg Floryan it explains how over time the relation ship between the viewer and the art or even artist has evolved. Many works have always involved a participatory element in the experience of analyzing the work, but now work involve more than just the mental stimulus of the viewers. In a piece done by  Marina Abramovic’s Just-Closed retrospective at MoMA. The work of art is the experience between the voluntary viewer who sits cross from the artist. these are works where the concept is the art and can only exist with the participation of the audience.  The evolution of the genre of art goes hand in hand with how the article says this generation is “plugged in” and “expects instant gratification”.


I do believe that because technology has evolved, Participation in art has also evolved. when you look back to earlier times more art was to tell history and show status. then grew to contemplate the emotion is created. Work was always about the subject whether it be an idea emotion or event the artist wished to convey with a boundary between the art/artist and its audience, but now the work can be about the interactive experience and emotion between artist/ art and its audience. Kinda of how we can now interact with people across the globe through our online networks, there are no boundaries to keeping in touch with friends or relatives that live far away.


Do you like art that lets you become part of the work or prefer to only view the work and not be connected to it?


4 responses to “Interactive and Participatory Art

  • autumnjames

    I feel when someone begins to see themselves in the work, whether its with some visual reference or because they are a part of the art of the art, they will connect; or atleast I do. People make personal connections even without participating some times, but they also don’t always make connections when they do participate in work. I think it depends a great deal on the viewer and on the piece.

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  • digitalartsrobin

    I prefer to interact with art because it allows me a connection that I might not feel when just observing it. Although, there are certain connections that can be made with just observation alone. I consider those art pieces or projects to be more moving due to its powerful significance to the viewer.

  • halhaker

    I enjoy both but i lean more towards just viewing a work. My focus is drawing so for me i have more of a connection viewing the work of artists and illustrators. Even a sketch is something that i get really excited about just to see it on my computer screen. while Participatory work is interesting,I don’t feel all that connected.

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