Postdigital & Postmedia what do they mean?


Wikipedia defines Post digital as the result of our rapidly changed and changing relationships with new technology, where the attitude is focused towards the human experience  by using digital technology to communicate with the audience in a high tech approach. The art is created for  interaction, also using collaboration.  Reaching to the level of art in science, technology, and human consciousness.

In the article The Post media Perspective, Domenico Quaranta describes his book:

“Postmedia art is the art that comes after the affirmation of the media; and given that the impact of the media is universal and computers can now simulate all other media, all contemporary art is postmedia”……. “There is no longer any painting outside and beyond the media experience. There is no longer any sculpture outside and beyond the media experience. There is no longer any photography outside and beyond the media experience.”


Post digital in my understanding is the result of having become fully immersed into a world of ever growing technology and focusing on how to bridge the technology twith And Postmedia is art work created after having experienced art that was made using new media. but the terms New Media Art and Postmedia still confuse me a bit, which explains why Quaranta says the terms still need to be identified.


4 responses to “Postdigital & Postmedia what do they mean?

  • mccraryj

    Because society’s daily experience and interaction with technology has drastically changed across the course of time, using digital media to communicate and collaborate with others has become the norm. And therefore it is only natural that art and media would be impacted by this reliance on technology. Post digital connects this greater engagement of technology with art and media

    I agree that the concepts of Post digital and post media can be challenging to understand because there is such a rapid and constant shift in user-interaction with technology. I think these concepts will continually evolve over time.

  • Heidi May

    Nice reply, Jeremy.

    I think part of your text was cut off so I’m curious to know if there are words missing following “focusing on how to bridge the technology twith…”

    To respond to your confusion… if you were not confused I would be more concerned then the fact that you are. As Quaranta mentions, the terms still need to be identified and Jeremy’s point about the concepts continually evolving over time is a good way to think about it. These concepts are new and it is expected that they will be worked through in many ways for many years to come. The same thing occurs with past periods such as “modern” and “postmodern,” which are continuously debated. One could in fact take the general understanding of these terms and put them into context within one’s own work. This is why I’m not as much concerned about one exact definition but how you can take the basic understanding and think about it in relation to your own experience, and perhaps even your own artwork.

  • Heidi May

    Wikipedia also has a fairly good open definition of new media art:
    On the other hand, “postmedia” is something that is really only written about and discussed in the art/media academic circles, and is still being grappled with, thus more confusing. It’s interesting to point out that your chosen quote from the Quaranta text states that “all contemporary art is “postmedia” and I think that is really interesting to keep thinking about. The term “postmedia” is extremely open and lends itself to conceptual interpretations more so than “new media” and “postdigital”.

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